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Artistic Wedding Photography

Artistic wedding photography is the opposite of what you would see of documentary photography or photojournalism that only captures a moment for what it is. So artistic wedding photography uses lighting, posing, framing, and other camera techniques to push the image beyond what humans would perceive as common reality. Post production techniques can also be used to alter the image, ranging from glow filters to vignetting to digital sepia and black and white photography. This artistic and dreamy wedding photography varies in style from photographer to photographer.

Contemporary Wedding Photojournalism

Contemporary wedding photography is basically the newest trends and styles in photography, which currently is the trend towards photojournalism and artistic wedding photography. Traditional photography is usually posed and formal in nature, while contemporary wedding photography aims for natural poses and candid moments.

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I also do red carpet, concert, corporate event, fashion, sports, family portrait, and professional engagement photography. I shoot using Canon digital cameras with professional lenses, which leads to a fast turnaround time for any digital negatives without sacrificing the quality of the image. My photos can be enlarged up to 8x10, but often people prefer 4x6 or 5x7 prints. When shooting something artistic or contemporary, I like to use my photojournalistic background to still create original and authentic images. The great thing is making the subject comfortable to make for better images, while I use other methods to increase the artistic nature of the photo. I follow current trends in the industry, though I make sure that I am not a slave to it. This allows me to choose the type of artistic or contemporary wedding photojournalism that matches my tastes and preferences, which my brides choose me for.