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Wedding Timeline Spreadsheet and Document

A must-have for EVERY wedding

This is the easiest and most effective way to coordinate your day between the many people and vendors working for you. You should pass this on to every vendor a couple days before via email and carry extra copies for anyone that would need one. You can tell someone, like a cousin or what not, to call the photographer to see where he is at just by giving the cousin this sheet. Better yet, you leave it with your maid/matron of honor and your best man to leave the bride and groom alone to enjoy their day.

Here is an Excel Sheet version

Here is a Word Document version


  • Download.
  • On the Contact page, change the location names
  • On the Contact page, change the cell numbers of the vendors (use the "person #" format since it changes entries on the timeline page). Remember to use cell phone numbers and not business lines.
  • On the Timeline page, modify the timeline to your specific day. If you cut and paste the locations and cell numbers, they will still change if you modify the contact sheet.
  • On the Ceremony Details page, put the sequence of event for the ceremony. This allows the photographer and videographer to predict events (like your first kiss) so that they are in the correct position at the correct time.

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