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Questions to ask your Photographer

You are bound to have to interview photographers to really decide if they are right for your needs. This list of questions will help cover the essnetials of any wedding photographer and help you derive other questions from that.

Free Wedding Timeline and Contact Sheet (.xls and .doc)

EVERY wedding should have one. Every planner uses one. I've laid one out at the request of my own brides to help get them started on making a timeline (it can be hard ffrom scratch. So just fill in the blanks and you are set!

What I learned from my two brothers about weddings

Both my brothers (younger and older) are married, making me the last man standing. This article will help you learn from their videography and photography issues. And yes, that picture to the right is from a formal shot, unaltered, of my two brothers and me. Can you pick me out? Then you should read the article...

Choosing a Photographer that is Right for You

This article offers advice on how to choose a good photographer that will add to your day (and not take away from it). Selecting a professional photographer, usually for the first time ever, is not easy to do and this will help prep you for what you should expect.

How to deal with Formals (Family Portraits)

Formals can be confusing and quite simply a real pain in the butt. By planning ahead you can ease the pressure from this often "inelastic" part of the day that has to squeeze between the ceremony and reception. This way you can get better photographs with less stress and a better experience.

Black and White Photography

This article shows you the difference between color and black and white photography in a a digital world. It'll convince you to either get color negatives or leave the photographer to their artistic style. I put up an examples that shows how one photo in color can be changed into several different black and white images.

Things you should know about photography

This is just some basic advice on photography in general. These include basic concepts (that help when talking to a photographer) such as film and digital and lighting tips. The more you now about photography as a subject, the less a photographer could misguide you due to a lack of knowledge.

Photographers and Videographers

Even as professionals, photographers and videographers have been known to clash when trying to get footage/photos at the same time. This article offers some advice on what you can do to make your day go smoother.

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