Import Auto Photography – Graffiti

Import Auto Photography – Graffiti

September 4th, 2008  |  Published in Commercial Photos  |  4 Comments

Tonight we did a fun photo session of a Z with Doug of Furious Photographers.  Using strobes and flashlights, we busted out some wicked lighting.  All these images have had only mild post done to them, specifically contrast.

That last one was not photoshopped.  Strobes under the car knocked out the shadows, giving it that floating look.

Here’s Doug busting out some low-angle shots of the rear.

My personal favorite is this light-painted one.  NO PHOTOSHOPPING.  I only adjusted the contrast, since the lighting pushed the levels brighter.

Locations: Downtown Los Angeles

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  1. Furious Lawrence says:

    September 4th, 2008at 10:27 am(#)

    I heard there were cops! =x Damn I love the last image a lot. Too bad I had to go home. Lunch today?

  2. Import Car Photography | Chestobot | Furious Photographers | Destination Wedding Photographer | Orange County Wedding Photography says:

    September 4th, 2008at 3:28 pm(#)

    [...] – and good friend – assisted us with the shoot (his blog post). A number of other photographers and cronies also rolled up to gawk at the blue [...]

  3. Cheston says:

    September 4th, 2008at 5:24 pm(#)

    WOW. the picts came out great!!

    how did the two streak and the light ball image come out? the three lines came out totally awesome..

    thanks for the picts Gavin-


  4. Onsite Minneapolis says:

    December 2nd, 2008at 8:37 pm(#)

    I love the last pic. Awesome lighting.

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