Wedding Photography Tips Choosing a Photographer

Choosing a Photographer that is Right for You

Think of it in two sections: Performance during the wedding & after the wedding. In other words, you want personality and professionalism (day of) and great photographs (after). Hopefully you get the best of both worlds and here are some tips to making a good choice. Excuse the dust as this section builds up. Please call me if you have any questions or suggestions at 323.605.4224

Day of:

  • Meet your wedding photographer and get to know him/her

    You are stuck with us for the whole day, so it helps if there is a "vibe." I had one bride let her mother choose a photographer that barely spoke english and could not communicate effectively (though he was producing amazing photographs, which is of course the latter half).
  • Make sure they work well with others

    The photographer often has to direct the flow of the day, which can be a serious issue if there is not cooperation with the other vendors. The DJ should be telling the photographer when events happen at the reception (unless there is a coordinator). The videographer should work with the photographer to ensure that both get their footage/photos. This is something that you also have to require of other vendors, since I've heard of the nicest photographers in the world still arguing with other stubborn vendors.


  • Make sure your photographer produces consistent results.

    Honestly, the worst photographer will have at least one "keeper" after 1,000 photos. A good wedding photographer will have a large percentage of keepers. Don't forget that you usually have to pay more for such a photographer, but it doesn't hurt to check by asking to see an entire wedding instead of highlights from many different weddings.
  • When money is an issue, choose better photos over extra post (like more prints, albums, etc.)

    With a limited budget, choose a better photographer over better products. If you get good photos (and the negatives), you can always spend more money on an album five years later after you become a company executive. If you get bad photos and an album now, you might regret that decision as your income increases (Trust me, this is taken from personal experience).

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